Three Bridges Have a Visit from an Art Teacher

14 September 2019 News

Three Bridges care home in Warrington had a special visit from Chris an art teacher, who came in to teach the residents to draw and paint.

Thei residents were very excited for this visit and couldn't wait to get stuck in to the creative process. The first task given to the grooup by Chris was to trace a picture of a pair of ballet shoes, everyone really enjoyed this and made sure to concentrate so that their drawing would come out well.

Once they had finished with tracing the picture they moved on to painting with water colours, the residents loved the way their final pieces came out. They all beamed as they looked at their work and couldn't wait to tell the staff about how much they enjoyed the process. 

Arts and crafts activities can be greatley useful for people with dementia as they can help to provide cognitive, physical, and emotional stimulation. The session also encourages residents to be more social and spend time with each other, communicating and having fun.


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