Special Email at Lansbury Court

14 July 2020 News

kevin.jpgKevin who is a resident at Lansbury Court was delighted to hear from his long lost brother.

Peter and Kevin have not seen each other in over 40 years, as Peter lives In Australia, this was until Peter saw a video of Kevin dancing away on Lansbury Courts Facebook page. Kevin was enjoying entertainment from Gregg Ross who came to perform for the home and his enjoyment was captured on video and seen by his brother thousands of miles away.

Peter sent across a picture of himself for his brother to see alongside a message telling him that he was hoping to visit England next year and he can’t wait to see him again. Kevin was ecstatic to see the communication and got very emotional as he saw his brothers’ picture. The exchange was truly heart-warming and staff are overjoyed that small act from them has had such a lovely result.