Remembrance Corner at Three Bridges Nursing Home

23 March 2019 News

Three Bridges Nursing Home, based in Warrington have recently introduced a way to remember residents that have passed away.

The ‘Remembrance Corner’ was an idea from staff member and Nurse, Donna Griffiths. The table contains pictures of a resident that has passed away, as well as a condolences book that fellow residents, staff and family members can contribute to.

“The book encourages people to share happy memories and funny stories so that when family members come back, they can look at the lovely comments that have been written”, commented Donna.

Paula, the daughter of a resident that recently passed away commented,

“It is such a lovely gesture and it was great to read some of the funny stories, that were shared in the book. Thank you to all of the staff that cared for my mum and did such a wonderful job”.

“As a team, we identified that when someone passes away that has been part of our family, it is nice to allow everyone to write their comments in a book which can be read by anyone visiting the home. It brings a smile to the family as some comments are humorous, capturing the true personality of the person”, added Donna.


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