International Food Theme at Thornton

19 August 2015 News


“I usually enjoy a game of bingo or something but it was nice to be part of something different”, said a resident at Thornton Lodge, regarding a recent food-tasting session held at the home. Working together with Unilever, a company which works to meet everyday needs for nutrition, the chefs of Thornton Hall and Lodge in Liverpool came up with the theme of flavours from around the world for one of their taster sessions. Eighteen residents took part and rated the dishes out of 5. The combination of international herbs, spices and sauces within the meatball dish and plate of pork dijonnaise proved a hit. The pork dijonnaise scored the highest with a score of 4 and the meatballs placed a close second with 3.7. "We had a lovely afternoon", said a staff member of the home, "The dishes prompted some of the residents who are passionate about cooking to talk about their love of food with us".