Game Time at Green Park

30 June 2020 News

In honour of Carers Week staff from Warrington care home, Green Park hosted their first-ever game show.

The staff played a series of games throughout the day with each one being more fun than the last. They started off with a round of pluck a duck, staff each chose a duck and then checked the bottom of it to reveal the amount of points they won.

Next up was a photoshoot with a cowboy cut out, they showed off their best poses as they got ready for the snapshot before moving onto a round of spin the wheel. They each took a shot of spinning, with a different prize being available for whichever section you landed on.

Lastly, they played a game of throw and go, they were given a selection of bean bags and the aim of the game was to get as many you could into the holes.

The games left staff in stiches of laughter as they took on each competition, they all agreed that they had an amazing day as they settled down for their buffet dinner.

Activity Manager Joe said, “It was our aim to bring the home together as one and involve everyone, I feel we succeeded and gave everyone a big smile.”