Game Time at Ashlea Mews

10 August 2020 News

Residents from Sunderland home Ashlea Mews have been keeping busy playing games.

They started off with some target throwing, everyone got involved and it wasn’t long before their competitive streak came out to play. Residents were transported back to their youth as they recalled the games they used to enjoy playing as children.

Next up was a fun match of balloon tennis, staff thought this was the perfect game as Wimbledon was due to be taking place currently. The game bought out everyone’s fun side and there were cheers all around as Alfie was crowned the winner.

They ended the day with everyone’s favourite, Bingo! Staff were overjoyed to see Jimmy sat with the group as he usually prefers to stay in his room watching old movies, but on this occasion he joined in with the fun and games. The group made up number rhymes and laughed along with one another as they played, Jack was all smiles when he won, “I love all of the prizes, It was so nice,” he expressed.