Cherry Trees Care Home Resident Mannie Experiences an Audiobook for The First Time

31 October 2019 News

In an effort to keep Mannie busy the staff at Cherry Trees Care Home bought him an audiobook from the library to listen to.

Mannie from Cherry Trees Care Home hasn't been feeling well enough to join in with the home's group activities recently, however, he still felt like he wanted to keep busy and do something. The staff brainstormed a few activities for him, one of which was reading, Mannie has always been a big fan of reading however due to him being partially sighted he has been unable to do this recently.

The staff from Cherry Trees decided to treat Mannie so they went off to the local Rotherham library and picked up an audiobook for him. Mannie loved listening to the audiobook, they played this on the CD player at the home. This inspired him to want to get out of bed and sit up in his chair, he sat back and relaxed listening to the book.

Mannie enjoyed a nice cup of tea and some biscuits as he listened away, when he was asked if he was happy, he replied back “yes extremely,” which put a smile on everyone’s face.


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