Arts & Crafts at Cherry Trees Care Home

11 April 2020 News

Residents at Cherry Trees Care Home in Rotherham have been busy making Easter bonnets.

After receiving some lovely cards and paintings from Monkwood Primary School children residents were inspired to take part in some arts and crafts themselves. They filled their windows with all the lovely gifts and took to making some Easter bonnets for themselves.

The session took residents back to their younger days and they recalled the happy memories of making bonnets for their children.  Each of the residents decorated their bonnet to their taste, with some being filled with sunflowers whilst others showed of different coloured flowers and ducks.

The finished results were nothing short of fantastic and residents couldn’t wait to try them off and pose for some pictures. Margaret laughed to the others saying, “we should have had a competition, we always used to hold competitions on who made the best Easter bonnet when I was younger.”


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