An interview with Donna, Activity Co-Ordinator at Lofthouse Grange & Lodge Care Home

07 February 2024 News

At Orchard Care Homes, we believe meaningful engagement is key to residents enjoying their new life in one of our homes. We spoke to Donna, Activity Co-Ordinator at Lofthouse Grange and Lodge Care Home, about why she took the chance at a brand-new career in care.

Donna, Activities Co-Ordinator at Lofthouse Grange and Lodge Care Home

“I started at Orchard Care Homes in August 2023. I previously worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, in long-standing Account Management and Sales roles. When COVID-19 hit and we went into lockdown, I had to work from home, but as a single mum I found the isolation and lack of motivation hard to cope with. Lockdown made me realise I wasn’t getting a sense of achievement from my career anymore and I wanted a more social environment to work in.”

Based in our Wakefield Care Home, Donna says it felt like fate to come across the role of Activity Co-Ordinator.

“I live local to Lofthouse Grange & Lodge, and pass by most days walking my dog. I decided to have a look at their website to see if there were any roles I could do, although I didn’t have any experience in care so wasn’t sure there would be any opportunities for me. There was a position for Activity Co-Ordinator - the job description alone seemed like an absolute dream. It was the perfect fit for me!”

Lofthouse Grange and Lodge Care Home in Wakefield

As an arts and craft enthusiast, Donna loves incorporating creative elements into her activities, and has helped residents in our Wakefield care home reignite their passion for creativity. “We’ve made pottery, candle holders, autumnal wreaths, nature-themed rocks – everything you can think of. It’s not just arts and crafts though; we also do exercise classes, movie mornings, and organise entertainment like singers and animal handlers.”

When asked whether she enjoys her new career in care, Donna told us how rewarding the role is. “I can honestly say hand on heart I absolutely love my job. I’ve never felt such a sense of achievement and job satisfaction as I do working in the care home environment! I get to spend my day with people who genuinely are happy to see you. There’s nothing like seeing residents smile when you walk into a room.”

Working in a dementia-friendly care home, Donna’s role of Activity Co-Ordinator is integral to Orchard Care Home’s Dementia Promise, where we strive for to provide meaningful engagement and actively encourage residents to continue with their hobbies. From organising lavish birthday parties to simply sitting with a cup of tea, Donna’s new role allows her to get to know residents in the care home, and host activities we know they’ll love.

Thank you so much to Donna at Lofthouse Grange and Lodge Care Home for talking to us about her role of Activity Co-Ordinator! If you have a creative flair and looking for a rewarding career, why not have a look at our latest roles in the activities team?

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