60 seconds with....Tony Scoggins, Thornton Barber

29 March 2016 News


Tony Scoggins set up a barbering service at Thornton Hall & Lodge, Merseyside, several months ago and has been trimming the male residents since then, running a regular gentleman's social session in the home. We ask him a few quick questions… 1. You’ve just started a barber service at Thornton Hall & Lodge, what inspired you to get this up and running? I came up with the idea with one of the Home Managers. The ladies often get their hair and nails done in the home and we thought the gents deserved some attention too. We all deserve a bit of pampering. 2. What do you enjoy about working in the home? Seeing the personalities come to life makes my day. Many of the men were part of the military service and this group allows them a chance to relate to one another and reminisce. With a fresh trim, chat and a beer, it is a solid male bonding experience and we are able to catch up each time I visit. I’ve worked as a barber for twenty three years and I am really enjoying this new environment. 3. What are your plans for the future? It would be great if I could eventually expand the barber shop across more residential care homes. I’m going to Hugh Baird College this year to complete a teacher training course, to develop and build on my barbering skills.