Hearing Loss Partnership

We aim to do as much as possible to offer specialist care for residents with hearing issues. Around 6.4 million people in the UK over the age of 65 have some form of hearing loss. The World Health Organisation, (WHO) predicts that by 2030 adult onset hearing loss will be in the top ten disease burdens in the UK, above diabetes and cataracts.

Losing the ability to hear can be debilitating and distressing, particularly for older people who might already find themselves feeling isolated and vulnerable. Our homes have been set up to cater for those with hearing loss and we are working closely with the Royal national charity Action on Hearing Loss to give support and care, whilst keeping abreast of new technologies and treatments.

We offer:

  • New residents are offered a free hearing test using a health profession approved Siemens hearing kit. This can identify any hearing problems, which would then necessitate a GP referral.
  • A dedicated hearing loss champion, who has undergone specialist training and is keeping up to date with the latest developments.
  • A tailored care plan to each individual, factoring in annual tests and monitoring ongoing issues.
  • Specialist activities and one to one sessions can cater to communicating with the hard of hearing and ensuring inclusion. Large television screens facilitated with subtitles allow residents to enjoy their favourite programmes more easily.
  • The option to buy personal listener equipment, which is worn around the neck and amplifies sound.
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