Gardening Grows as Popular Activity

27 October 2015 News


Staff members of Penwortham Grange and Lodge, Lancashire, have been working to create an aromatic and tactile experience for residents and their families by developing a new sensory trug in the garden. The trug, or raised planter, has created gardening opportunities for residents, who are currently growing fragrant lavender, rosemary, a curry plant, a variety of herbs and some house plants. During an autumn day in October, Bill Howie, a resident of Penwortham, headed to the garden shed with volunteer Maureen Poulton to prepare and pot some plants for the new sensory item. “It was lovely being outside in the autumn sunshine” said Bill, “I especially enjoy spending time tinkering with the trug.” Resident Gillford Walsh has also been contributing to the new garden feature by potting plants with help from his daughter Gina. Sarah Jackson, Activity Coordinator, commented, “Gardening is a great bonding experience between friends and family, which everyone really appreciates. It seems to be most popular amongst the male residents, but some of the ladies like it too”. In a different gardening activity, ladies Yvonne Haworth and Maureen Corrigan recently spent a productive afternoon planting some hyacinth bulbs to grow indoors, ready to be put on sale at the home’s approaching Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.