Children from Roughwood Primary School Visit Cherry Trees Care Home

07 December 2019 News

cherry-trees-care-home-rotherham-childrens-visit.jpgResidents from Cherry Trees Care Home were very excited to welcome Roughwood Primary School Children into their home.

The staff from the home contacted the school and arranged for the children to come and visit as they felt it would be beneficial for both the residents and the children to spend time together and be in each other’s company,

The visit went off to a flying start as the children came in with big smiles on their faces and sang a song for the residents. They put on a show singing a variety of songs and it warmed the resident’s hearts seeing them perform.

The residents and children chatted away with each other, as the staff watched on in delight. Residents later remarked how the performances reminded them of watching their own children singing in school plays.

The home and school have now set up weekly sessions for the children to come in and do activities with the residents and everyone is counting down the days!


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