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Making a decision around care can be an emotional and overwhelming time and we want to make sure that the information you access here on our website, through our customer services team or direct with the homes, is as simple, clear and comprehensive as possible.

We have many years experience of working in the elderly and specialist care environments. Our focus is on providing care of the highest quality on a permanent or respite basis, and in comfortable and homely surroundings. Our care is tailored to the individual, and we aim to provide as much independence as possible, whilst treating each resident with dignity and respect. 

Training is a core part of Orchard and our care home staff each have a training profile tailored to their role. In 2015 we launched an online learning system, Orchard World of Learning, OWL - an innovative approach to learning, giving greater flexibility to our employees with regards to their mandatory and personal development. It includes face to face training and distance learning, and enables us to track and regularly update the training our staff receive.

In one year, over 80,000 courses had been completed by over 6,000 staff.

There are twenty six different mandatory courses, from fire and safety to diet and nutrition, with each care role having a tailored selection of courses for their role. We plan to build on this base, becoming more responsive to individual home needs and tailoring the training to the setting and the needs of both staff and residents. 


Residential Care Homes provide support when needed, whilst encouraging continued independence for individuals as much as possible. Support can include assistance with personal care, washing and dressing, bathing and taking medication.

The resident’s room creates a home from home environment and we encourage our residents to personalise their space, using pictures and often some furnishings from home. This level of care allows for independent living, with additional support. Many of our residents chose to move into this type of accommodation for the community atmosphere, companionship and security.


Nursing Homes offer residents qualified nursing care 24-hours a day. This can be a great relief for those who are finding it challenging to cope in their own home. Staff are medically trained and assist residents with a variety of nursing needs, whilst continuing to promote independence wherever possible. A number of specialist facilities include bath aids, condition specific beds, stair lifts and wheelchair access to ensure comfort and mobility within the home.


Dementia Care

EMI or Specialist Dementia homes offer specialist care for people with dementia and other mental health related problems. Residents may be physically fit, but require a degree of specialist support from dedicated trained staff.

Most of our EMI homes are purpose built and offer a safe and secure environment to enable residents to find their way around with ease, comfort and independence. Specialist homes are mindful of colours and patterns, which can be disturbing to those living with dementia, whilst new spaces such as sensory rooms are often created and used as positive remedies for residents.

Each resident has a personal carer who is the main point of contact for friends and relatives, whilst all employees working in dementia units in the home are trained in EMI related conditions. 

Respite Care

Caring independently for a loved one can be challenging at times and it is important to take regular breaks to recoup. We offer short term residential stays to allow carers the time to rest, assured that their loved one is in good hands. We are also able to make short stays available as a boost to the support network of someone who has perhaps had an incident in the home or is recovering following a hospital stay.

Both services allow the opportunity for carers and those cared for to rebuild strength and confidence and can be pre-booked in certain homes. Other homes are able to offer a room when a vacancy occurs.

Acquired Brain Injury

Brain damage can cause a wide range of complex disorders that require specialist care and support within a safe and comforting environment. A selection of our care homes provide quality rehabilitation, with dedicated care teams.

Whether for a long or short-term placement, our ABI services provide the required support for people who need extra support to remain as independent as possible. 


Complex Mental Health

A number of our care homes provide 24-hour care for those living with mental health problems, from mild disorders to more complex mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Our staff have extensive expertise in tailoring care and support to the individual, and focus on the small steps needed to retain a fulfilling and independent future within a safe environment, including the home and the local community. 

Young Persons Care

We have a number of smaller homes that provide the highest level of specialist care and support for young people aged 18 and above. These units are found in nursing and residential settings, and our staff are trained to tailor the care to the varied needs of a younger age group.

The focus in on working with our residents to achieve their development goals, and the setting supports them in developing their skills and independence, leading as regular a life as possible. We work with registered mental nurses in addition to residential carers, engaging residents in tasks from cooking and cleaning to self-administering medication. 

Physically Disabled Care

We provide both long and short-term care for those with a physical disability. We are able to support those aged 18 years and above and our skilled staff are driven to promote mental and physical stimulation to enhance quality of life, in additional encouraging independence and decision-making. 

Our Partnerships

We work closely with national charities and local organisations to provide extra skills and resources for residents and care staff.

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A snapshot of life in one of our care homes, where food and activities are the cornerstones of our care.  

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